Personal Decor Visualizer

Over the years, we have found that many of our collectors, seeking a piece of art for an important part of their personal or professional environment, have had difficulty determining what size print is most suitable or what image will best complement a room or its furnishings.

In response, we are very pleased to offer to our collectors a new feature — Personal Decor Visualizer.

Personal Decor Visualizer exampleUsing a digital photo that you provide of your home or office setting, we can recreate the scene with different images of your choosing hanging in place and in different sizes. We have found that the Personal Decor Visualizer takes the guesswork out of the process by allowing you to actually see, rather than imagine, the finished print or prints as they would appear hanging in place.

If you are having trouble deciding how best to decorate a special part of your world, please send us an e-mail and we'll give you some tips on getting started. This is a complimentary service we are offering collectors to make your art purchase a pleasant and hassle-free experience and, in keeping with that, there is never any obligation to purchase once you participate.

Below are some before and after images, as well as what our collectors are saying about this unique service.


Collector's Comments

"You are a professional in your photographs, as well as your customer execution,. You certainly went above and beyond to make sure the pieces worked well in their settings.... The end result is the proof of your diligent work... It all looks SPECTACULAR!! Thanks for everything."

Harry L., Developer

"Steve used a photo that we provided of our living room, showed us how an image would look over our fireplace and, after we approved, created a canvas print that is the focal point of our entire living room. We just moved into our new townhouse and the comments we hear most often from friends who visit is the lovely "painting" over the fireplace."

Dick & Sharon H.

"We have several beautiful G. Steve Jordan prints throughout our home. Steve and his staff are friendly and helpful. Jordan Gallery's visualization feature helps ease decision making by enabling you to see how the color and size of the images you like match in the space you're sure to purchase a print you'll love!"

Ann & Keith M.

"Steve is very easy and cooperative to work with. We spent a great deal time discussing the type of photo I wanted, my color scheme, the lighting and the size. Steve even came to my house to measure the wall. My picture is beautiful and I take great pleasure in sitting on my couch and looking at it."

Barbara G.

"During the winter of 2009/2010, Steve Jordan Gallery did a wonderful job providing us with multiple ideas and visualizations of how our living room would look with objects of art that the Jordan Gallery could provide. After two months, and much back and forth, we finally got the pieces that have made our living room exactly what we want. We offer many thanks to Steve and his team who provided us this pleasure."

Rob & Becky O.