Pricing Options

Please note that print size refers to the outside dimensions of the mat; the actual image size is smaller.

We are pleased to offer matted prints in a variety of sizes. We no longer offer framed prints. The 11" x 14" and 16" x 20" options will fit in any standard frame of that size. A custom frame shop can provide framing for the additional sizes.

Please consider canvas prints for larger sizes. They may be printed, proportional to the original image, in a variety of sizes. For an example of pricing, please see below.

For questions or a price quote on a specific canvas size or presentation option, such as a multi-panel display, please contact us via email.

Not sure what size will look best in your home or office? Personal Decor Visualizer can help.

11x14 $40
16x20 $95
9x16 $40
13x23 $95
18x36 $175
Standard Canvas
20x30 $295
24x36 $435
32x48 $775
Panoramic Canvas
13x36 $325
18x48 $435
22x60 $675